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Since opening my business in October of 1991, I've had the privilege of being the first to introduce St. Catharines and North Niagara to the Alexandria Professional  body sugaring method of hair removal. Body sugaring is an ancient Egyptian/Middle Eastern method of epilation that is thousands of years old. The "sugar paste" simply consists of sugar, lemon juice and herbs--that's it! No chemicals or preservatives are needed. It is completely safe to use on any type or area of skin--in fact, it's edible!


The sugar paste is smoothed onto carefully disinfected skin whereby the paste adheres to the unwanted hair and dry, dead skin cells.  Properly supported and with a flick in the opposite direction,  the hair is eased out of the pores by the root leaving the skin hair free for many weeks, deeply exfoliated and very smooth and soft. With continued treatments, the hair regrowth is gradually reduced and slowed resulting in eventual elimination along with dramatic improvement of skin texture with each treatment.


As compared to waxing, the paste is not heated to the degree needed to liquify it so there is no fear of burning, blistering or welting for the client. It is so gentle, it may be reapplied several times to the same area where necessary, for very short or coarse stubborn hairs. Clients with sensitive skin are especially pleased to see the gentle difference as opposed to previous waxing experiences elsewhere. No damage can occur to a client's clothing as the paste is totally water soluble and non-staining. In addition and very importantly, there is no "double-dipping" as with waxing, therefore no cross contamination with the paste and the client's skin contact. It is important to remember that sugaring, like waxing, is a manually performed service so a seasoned practitioner performs the service with more experience, a better technique and therefore a more thorough and comfortable service-- better results and value for your money!


In recent years manicures, pedicures and hot stone massage have been added to the treatment offerings for a "one stop shopping" experience to save clients time and gas driving to multiple locations for different services.


*******The salon is health department inspected twice a year, ensuring the highest standards of disinfecting and sanitation are practiced for the safety of all clients and practitioner. *********


My "philoSophie"  is to provide clients with a very private, peaceful and relaxing setting with individual attention in a professional manner respecting each client's individual needs for  high quality and punctual service. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance for  these personal services and customer service is top priority. All services are personally guaranteed for complete satisfaction.



**Please note: a message must be left as the phone is not answered directly but all calls are returned either in a few seconds/as soon as I'm finished with the client I'm with. It is necessary to speak to all new clients in person to properly prepare you for your first appointment and answer all your questions.

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